BAM – Experts who deliver the goods

Solid expertise

Bois Aisé de Montréal is a North American leader with over 25 years’ experience in marketing wood.

Our BAM specialists work hard to consistently exceed customer expectations. We never compromise on the quality of our material while respecting shipping deadlines and offer highly competitive prices.

BAM is known for its hardwood plywood, laminate flooring, and hardwood flooring imports, most of which are sourced from China, Brazil, Russia and Germany.

We sell to large chains, independent hardware stores, wholesale distributors, manufacturers of prefabricated houses and roof trusses, all the wood they need. We have a very large lumber manufacturing network, which allows us to offer sizes ranging from 1"x2" to 2"x12" in lengths up to 30 feet.

BAM also offers:

  • Pallet components
  • Eastern White Cedar shingles
  • Laths
  • Snow fences

Whatever you're looking for in wood material, we have the specialist you need.

A passion for wood

Integrity, cooperation and recognition.

BAM is a team of professionals serving customers who want
to remain competitive in this global market.

Our team based in Quebec, the Maritimes, the United States and China offers unmatched expertise and specialized service.

Wood sourcing is our business.