Who offers imported hardwood plywood in a wide variety of species?

We do. In every grade, dimension and thickness.

Our specialty in plywood
We import hardwood plywood from several countries.


  • White Birch

  • Maple

  • Oak

  • Cherry

  • Meranti

  • Several other North American and Asian species


  • Baltic Birch


  • IPE

  • Jatoba

  • Several other exotic species

Thicknesses: 2.7 mm, 5.2 mm, 5.5 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm, 18 mm, 25 mm
Dimensions: 4 x 8 ft., 4 x 8 ft. over-sized, 4 x 10 ft., 5 x 8 ft., 5 x 10 ft.
Specifications: CARB certified, interior or exterior glue and UV coating available

We also have our own brand of plywood underlayment, BAMPLY.

Its five-ply, all-ayous face and poplar core construction is sanded on both sides and calibrated to ensure uniform thickness throughout the panels.
Exterior glue prevents moisture problems.

Outstanding features include no core laps, gaps or voids.
Thicknesses: 5.5 mm plus or minus 0.1 mm
Dimensions: 4 x 8 ft. (custom order for 4 x 4 ft.)
Grade: PBB/CC

Our customers
Wholesale distributors, furniture and cabinet manufacturers, major chains, independent hardware stores and distribution channels

We cover all of Canada and the U.S.

Our plywood specialist’s approach

We buy plywood from the best mills in China, Russia, and Brazil.

You get the best quality and price whatever the grade, thickness, specie or country of origin you need. On top of that, you benefit from expert knowledge.

Mike Heitzman




Mike Heitzman

T/F: (418) 830-4215

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