LUMBER (Prefab homes and trusses)

Do your projects require fingerjoint studs or wood with a high structural value?

Get the best quality for your building projects with BAM’s high-end service.

Our specialty in lumber

  • MSR

  • Fingerjoint studs (SPS-3)

  • Glued laminated

  • Tall studs

  • Softwood plywood panels

Our customers
Manufacturers of trusses, beams, prefab homes and walls as well as mining and forest camps

In Canada: the Maritimes and Quebec
In the U.S.: all the Northeast

Our building lumber specialist’s approach

At BAM, we keep our word. We’re there to provide you with wood. But it is more than that. We also care deeply about meeting your quality, quantity and delivery requirements.

Recognized professional throughout the industry of engineered glued laminated and fingerjoint studs. I’m committed to providing you with the materials you need under the best conditions.

Steve Mailhot

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Steve Mailhot

T/F: (418) 830-4213
C: (418) 630-6590

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