Looking for wood to build pallets?

We have the species, dimension, and quality you need.

Our speciality in pallet components
A large selection of components in hardwood, aspen and softwood

Options include:

  • Green

  • Dry

  • Stain-resistant treatment

  • Heat treated

  • Chamfered boards

  • Notched stringers

Our customers
The industrial sector, and pallets and crate manufacturers

In Canada: the Maritimes, Quebec and Ontario
In the U.S.: all the Northeast and the Midwest

Our wooden pallet specialist’s approach

I’ve built a relationship of trust with my customers:

  • Trust in the quality that I consistently provide.
  • Trust in the competitive prices they benefit from my contacts.

I keep my word and deliver on time.

A customer who places an order with me is a satisfied customer:

  • Satisfied with the service provided.
  • Satisfied with the quality he gets.

Denis Gauthier



Denis Gauthier

T/F: (418) 832-4422

Request for pallet components | Denis Gauthier

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